Terms and Conditions - Hire of Townhouse

Townhouse are flexible with regards to the purpose of hire and are happy to work with you to offer you an individual approach to hire. Your needs will be discussed with you at the point of contact, preferable face to face or at least over the phone and a verbal agreement will be decided at this time. If we manage to agree a mutual date and time for hire, we will pencil you in the diary and will ask for a deposit which will secure this date for you. Until the deposit is paid, somebody else could still take your date, so we advise that you arrange to make your deposit payment as soon as possible.

We ask for a £30 deposit to secure your date and this can be paid in cash, by bank transfer or by paypal. The deposit is all we need until the actual day of your event but this is non refundable if you decide to cancel or postpone upto 2 weeks before your booking. If you cancel 2 weeks or less before your booking then the full amount is payable (If the total cost of your booking is more than £300, then 1/3rd of the total is payable).This needs to be paid before any further bookings will be considered.  If, in the unlikely case that we need to cancel or postpone your event, your deposit will be paid back immediately by the method in which it was received.

Full payment is needed on the day of hire. This is the amount which was agreed at the time of booking. If you booked a party for 55 people but only 25 arrive, then you still need to pay for the greater amount of guests as we would have draughted in staff to meet the demands of your event.

When you hire Townhouse, you hire the entire club, even if you only require one room. This is to maintain privacy for you and your guests; we do not negotiate cheaper rate for partial hire of the club.

Your hire price includes the use of the entire club and equipment/facilities therein, staff to assist and serve you during your event, use of showers, toiletries and towels, use of the wet area and private parking on the premises for 2 cars.

You may use the club as you wish, but we ask that you treat it with respect. If you change the use of rooms, move equipment or add anything to rooms, we ask that you put the rooms back as they were at the end of your event.

Although you set your own rules for your event, we, as licencees, maintain the right to refuse admission to anybody if we feel that are inebriated or under the influence of drugs. We also have the right to refuse to serve alcohol to anybody in your party and we have the right to ask people to leave if they display anti social and or drunken behaviour.

All members of your party MUST be over 18 and we have the right to refuse entry to people if they appear to be under 18 and cannot prove their age.

We ask that your guests do not bring in their own drinks whether they be alcoholic or non alcoholic. If we find someone consuming their own drinks, we have the right to confiscate them. If someone refuses to part with their own drinks, they will be asked to leave without a refund of their entrance (if applicable)

We ask that guests do not park in front of neighbouring houses during the daytime. Details of available parking facilities will be discussed with you at the time of booking.

We can provide a buffet on request and we can source DJ's and Live entertainment should you require it.

If you undertake activities which are of a therapeutic nature, you must ensure that you are fully licensed (if applicable) and have insurance to carry out therapies in a mobile capacity. We do not accept and liability to injury or illness linked with any therapies provided by third parties.

We ask that guests do not use any BDSM equipment unless they have been shown how to use them correctly. If you or your guests proceed to use the equipment without prior instruction, we do not accept any liability for injury that may result.

We ask that guests do not use the BDSM equipment or hot tub/sauna if they are drunk. 

Paid escorts are strictly forbidden on our premises and if find that someone has brought a paid escort in with them, they will be asked to leave and the authorities notified.

Smoking is prohibited on our premises and we ask that your guests use our outside smoking area.

Illegal drug use is strictly forbidden and if we find someone has used drugs on our premises, we will call the police.